Why you should focus on the French market in 2019.

France is one of the top 5 markets where you should sell your product. With the USA, China, Germany & Canada above, France is a very promising market to promote a product.

The French market (and European market in general) are difficult to reach because of borders, barriers and specific distribution and safety laws for each country. The USA still is the number 1 market targeted by companies launching a product because of the high numbers of early adopters being active on Kickstarter platform and because English is a language spoken by many. So sample can help you to market your product in France with distribution and all the services that you need to be nationwide in less 12 months. So why focusing on the French market?

The High Tech market in France represents more than 25 billion dollars with +13% on wearables and +10% on mobile accessories in 2018. The Startup ecosystem is a good trend as well thanks to the "Frenchtech" movement founded by the state and Station F that promote and help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Smartwatches & Smartphone

In 2018, 13% the French people declared that they wanted to own a smartwatch (average of 8 million people) 8% people wanted to change their smartphone & television (average of 5 million people) and 15% would have liked to buy a vocal assistant.

French people & Technology, a love story :

77% of French people think that innovative products can help them to earn time on daily tasks.

64% of them think that innovative products can help them to resolve daily issues.

This datas remind consumer electronics brands that early majority is ready for Technology but they need an "on-boarding like" to trust new brands. To do that, you have to keep things simple in the wording and uses and erase all engineering words and hardware features. Focusing on benefits and case uses is the key.

France and famous worldwide chain stores

The Mulliez group has been a committed retailer for 55 years, a changing retailer in a changing world. Our ambition now is to meet today's purchase- and health-conscious omni-channel consumers, with the goal of bringing change to their lives! The group is based in Lille, north of France.

There are not a distributor. There are a retailer that selects its products and producers, that knows its customers and knows that no two are alike. A retailer that combines the advantages of digital technology and physical stores, to create a customised experience. A retailer whose stores are focal points of life where shopping is a pleasurable experience.

Our passion is to connect the best international consumer electronics products with the best of retail in France. With 2017 revenue over 100B€, more than five thousands retail stores around the world, our retail partners (Auchan, Boulanger, Leroy Merlin etc.) are mainly active across Europe, USA, China etc. in retail and purchasing in various markets : home improvement, sport, fashion, electronics and catering industries.

Our team develops a new concept to introduce innovative products to the french market and decision makers from retail through demos in stores and customer experience in the field. We generate a 6-months Proof Of Concept for consumer electronics brands with a service marketing to perform the sales and brand equity online/in stores. Efficient marketing and sales for ambitious companies who are reaching for national level in France.

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