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How to Grow your Business 
with Influencers Marketing

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Case study: discover how So sample's partner "spexor" boosted its sales by more than 245% in just two months thanks to Influencers Marketing.


of the product's total sales are generated thanks to influencers


Monthly growth


Audience reached


Initial situation

On their way to the French market...

spexor is an innovative mobile alarm device owned by Bosch. It offers smart protection for everyone who wants to remain flexible, mobile, and safe. spexor is a product invented by Bosch engineers. This is an innovation that has not yet been proven on the market, launched only 6 months earlier in its home market: Germany.
They decided to tackle the French market, which is very different from Germany because it represents a significant market share for their product category.

With all the packaging, website, and app being only available in German, french customers didn't have easy access to the product in France. Culturally, linguistically, adaptations of the product and its communication campaign are necessary.

With the ambition of entering the ultra-competitive french market with the fastest speed, spexor chose So sample, the expertise of marketing innovative products in Europe, as the only partner in France to launch its product in the french market. 



website & app)

Marketing & Retail Consulting



Listing on 13+ biggest French marketplaces


Fulfillment solution

Opening new marketplaces 



Launch of influencer strategy

Tracking of sales generated

Content created and posted by influencers

Social media amplification​


Ads in printed magazines

Social media amplification 

Increasing ratings & reviews

Day 1

Day 60

Day 90


The process

Day 30


As a brand-new product that is totally new to French consumers, spexor is eager to increase its visibility and brand awareness in France. spexor turned to So sample expertise in marketing to launch an influencers' campaign in France for its product.


Launch of influencer strategy 

So sample sourced influencers on different social media platforms who are specialized in van life, camping car, and life-on-the-road. The criteria we chose for the influencers is not the number of their followers, but their passion and specific knowledge of the relative field in order to ensure qualitative content and useful feedbacks, which are really important for improving the launch of an innovative product.

Then we made a list and shared the profile of all the influencers corresponding to our standard to spexor for a first validation. After the approval from spexor, we started to contact and negotiate with influencers about the product and the details of the cooperation. A legal contract is signed by each influencer in order to ensure qualitative content that So sample + spexor can repost and re-use during +5 years following collaboration. Then we sent the french brief to spexor to ask for final validation to officially launch the influencer campaign. We offered each influencer a promotional code to track the sales generated by each campaign. 

Once the contracts are signed with each influencer, So sample handles the logistics of samples. Influencers receive personalized ''influencers packages'' with samples, goodies, and handwritten notes. So sample requires all influencers to really try the product, give their honest feedback, and ask as many questions as they like before starting the content creation process. Therefore, each influencer is a real ambassador of the product. Once the content is created by influencers, So sample and spexor validate it and it is published by the content creator on its social platforms. 


Monitor and amplify the campaign 

You would think that once the content created by an influencer is posted on the web, the campaign is over, but it is not. So sample also follows-up and participates actively in the buzz effect by monitoring, commenting and also answering questions asked by the community directly under YouTube videos, in Instagram Posts, etc  (7 days a week service)

This qualitative follow-up of content allows So sample to not only have a taste of the engagement of the influencer community, but it also increases the number of potential sales by responding quickly to a maximum of questions / fake news relayed in the comments.


How did this campaign turn spexor into a Hit

Product for french consumers?



In order for spexor to adapt and adjust itself, and finally enter the ultra-competitive and completely different french market, we helped them in pricing consulting, packaging, and app translation, with our expertise and experience in the French market. We also brought some product insights to spexor by sharing qualitative and authentic feedback from the influencers we work with, who have the passion and knowledge in relative industry.


We removed all administrative and commercial barriers to allow spexor to have national coverage by making it available on the main French marketplaces. We are also helping spexor to get in touch with physical stores in France to distribute their products offline.


We published a full-page advertisement in a printed magazine specialized in Camping-Car, which is the main target of spexor, and another full-page advertisement in a magazine specialized in van life.

We also launched Influencers strategy among French content creators, targeting clients between 25 to 70 years old leaving part-time on the road in their van or camping car. We took care of the entire process from influencers sourcing, contract negotiation, logistics, till answering product questions, content validation, follow-up, and monitoring comment. Besides, we did social media amplification via Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to increase the visibility of the brand and to boost sales.



We offered promotional codes to influencers who agree to work with spexor to share with their community. The code allows us to track their commercial influence and to analyze if it's worthy to work with them and to direct our future decision. We also offered exceptional discounts on products during one-off or seasonal events.

It's your turn to write history 

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