Selling a premium product on a mass market

How we helped Nura to grow on a new and mass market with a lot of well-known brand.


Marketplaces opened




Yearly growth in Europe


Initial situation

On the way to the French market


NURA was founded in 2016 by a hearing scientist and an electrical engineer. Driven by their passion for music, they reinvented headphones from the inside out, specialising in the research and development of a solution that can allow the sound of our headphones to be adapted to our own hearing profile with the aim to help all music listeners to find the perfect sound automatically.

Nura's team based in Melbourne is connected by music more than anything. That’s why they combined their expertise in engineering, acoustics, biology, and hearing science to create NURAPHONE and NURALOOP. 


After conquering the American and the Australian market, NURA's goal was to tackle a new market: France. To achieve it, they entrusted our team of experts with their marketing operations.


Our process