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14 million visitors per month

Boulanger is a French company specializing in leisure, consumer electronics and household appliances.

Revenue : 3.5 billion €


55 million visitors per month

Initially specializing in the sale of second-hand CDs, the company has since expanded its offering with more than 30 million product in  home, high-tech, leisure, fashion sector.

Revenue : 1.965 billion €


20 million visitors per month

Kaufland, previously associated iwth the name Real, is a hypermarket chain in Germany, which is part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl.   

Revenue: 21 billion €


36 million visitors per month

Leroy Merlin is an international group. Regards to the product range, achieves the greatest part of its eCommerce net sales in the “Home improvement” category. Furthermore, products from the “Furniture & Appliances” category are part of the offer.

Revenue : 23,6 million €


15 million visitors per month

 Its eCommerce net sales are generated mostly in Europe. With regards to the product range, is an all-round online store, with products on offer that cover different categories, such as “Furniture & Appliances”, “Electronics & Media” as well as “Toys, Hobby & DIY”. 

Revenue : 709 million € 


199 million visitors per month

Amazon is a Seattle-based American trading company. It is one of the giants of the Web, grouped under the acronym GAFAM, alongside Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.