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Expand your business from China/USA to Europe.

How HPRT became the best-selling A4 portable printer in just 90 days.

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marketplaces opened

+1 M $

First year revenue


months of marketing campaign

+1M$ revenue case study


Initial situation

From China to Europe


HPRT is one of the world-leading suppliers specialized in designing and manufacturing POS printers, mobile printers, and label printers.


HPRT company is able to satisfy rapidly changing market demands as they have an experienced and innovative R&D team.


They offer customers products combined with advanced technology, superior quality, competitive prices, and worry-free services.


It represents +300 patent awards, 2,000 employees, and +60 products.

Their objectives were to launch for the first time their products in Europe and refresh their communication to adapt to European consumers.


The obstacles HPRT had to overcome

to enter the European market

❌  No local team in Europe for customer support and managing growth

❌  No VAT or OSS ticket number so impossible to sell in Europe

❌  No warehouse to stock and deliver customer fast

❌  No expertise in marketplaces eco-system

❌  Not the knowledge of top leading partners and how to reach them

❌  No technology to publish, maintain and boost product page


Our process









Reseller contract



Get a clear picture of the market


As a Chinese brand that had never sold in Europe before, we helped HPRT to get a good understanding of the market and competition in Europe. 

This is why we built a 50-page audit to get a clear picture of the market and how to perform based on competition.

We started the audit by seeking the best Google Trends Keywords in relation to printer marker. After that, we published a benchmark of the different products in the market that you can find online with several keyword research.

Thanks to this study, we established a customized campaign for HPRT with relevant information to start the service properly and bring life to the brand.

We also delivered a marketing survey to help HPRT to sell at the right psychological price. We identified thanks to this study that the product could be sold at a certain price in € during the calm period and at another price in € in the key season of October / November / December.

Customer support


Live data dashboard

Opening new marketplaces

Scaling the business

Working on monthly growth

Increasing ratings & reviews

Duplicate SKU

Day 1

Day 30

Day 60

Day 90

❌  Chinese brand equity that needs to switch their packaging/app/manual to European consumer behavior and culture


Overcoming the barriers


After the audit was delivered, we helped HPRT overcoming all the barriers that kept them from entering Europe sooner. We onboarded the product and all relevant content on our software to publish it on multiple marketplaces. 

HPRT benefited from our warehouse and is still using it to deliver customers in 48H in more than 10 countries across Europe.

We cleaned all VAT thanks to our own reseller account and now manage all after-sales requests from clients with a qualitative, language-native support team.

We helped HPRT to translate all their content and respect all requirements from the different governments in terms of manual/app/packaging that should be in the local language and according to the national laws.


List the product in the top leading marketplace


After starting selling on Amazon, C-discount, and Boulanger, we duplicated the offer and crafted an efficient product page on the most relevant online retailers and pure player websites.

It is not only listing, as we customized each product page with the top keywords in the country/market/marketplaces. The title has to change depending on these criteria. And it will help later for the SEA.

Deliver trust and brand awareness

After 3 weeks and the first 100 sales, we received the first negative reviews on our multiple product pages. As you should know, most of the first reviews are usually bad reviews as people that are satisfied need extra motivation to share their satisfaction with a product. By following up and reaching out to your customers - happy or unhappy - you fix many issues: bad reviews, misunderstandings, brand equity. And this is why customer support in the local language is so important.

A product with 1 star or 2 stars rating cannot perform well, neither can it perform well in the long term. So sample team had to react fast and plan an ambassador strategy to get real positive feedbacks from real customers.

Our customer support team reached out to them and politely asked if they could share their satisfaction by writing a review online. It's time-consuming but it's the best strategy to get numerous real reviews without being struck by Amazon. We are against any illegal strategy, like encouraging the writing of fake marketplace reviews, and we do not advise anyone to take such unethical actions.



In just a few weeks, we succeeded to get +20 reviews by calling people and that number more than doubled again naturally without any strategy from our side. It was customers that were putting positive reviews by themself thanks to email relaunch only. The number attracts the number, the reviews attract the reviews.

Increasing review volume isn't just a one time task, it is an ongoing effort that will pay off in dividends for your business



As you can see in the graph below, the number of sessions in blue was the same between these two months, but we deployed +20 ratings at the beginning of December and sales started to duplicate per 3 as usual.

It's organic growth that appreciates Amazon and so the ranking upgraded fast to the first page with the main keywords that we used since the beginning.

2 reviews can increase purchases by 10%. 10 reviews bring 

lifts in natural search traffic and SEO benefits emerge.

If you reach 100 reviews, it can increase purchases

by 40% start to receive valuable consumer insights &

boost the sense of brand trust.

Also having reviews help you in your SEO to be visible on
Google shopping which is one of the most important browsers

in Europe.

Capture d’écran 2021-05-19 182759.jpg
Capture d’écran 2021-05-19 185751.jpg

It's time to push.


After 2 months of the ambassador's program and listing, we identified that it was the right time to scale the business thanks to an efficient advertising campaign. 


We started investing 500 € through 3 different audiences and 3 different campaigns to get the best ROIA with this budget.


After spending around 1.3 k € on one specific profitable campaign, we decided to shoot for the long term with this one.

The last 4 months of the year benefited from this strategy to reach 6.20 of ROAS. That means that 1 € in ads deliver 6.20 €  in turnover to them. 

Here you can see the number of units we reached started from September  (we sign a partnership with HPRT in July 2020)  that grew significantly.


We observed a decrease of 40% of sales between December and January that we can explain by the reduction of ads budget and also the out of stock situation we encountered during 20 days in January. 

Today HPRT is still selling units in more than 20 marketplaces and 10 countries.

image (5).png

Why did this campaign work well for HPRT ? 

We can explain the case by the simplest marketing methodology "4P'


HPRT is a unique product with new features (portable, light & wireless) in a mass market of millions of consumers.


The product is now available on the top leading marketplaces and is competitive with big brands such as HP or Canon.


To get brand awareness, we activated ambassadors who spent time adding comments and ratings of the product online. We also built a strong influencers strategy redirecting people to the product page on multiple marketplaces.


We did a psychological price strategy  to understand better consumer behavior and target the right price in each market. We also established a strategy to offer discounts and special prices for specific audiences and time periods.

It's your turn to write history 

They grew with us in Europe

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