So sample was founded in 2016 by Thomas Aubert & Emma Dumont with the ambition of developing the first growth hacking team for tech founders and hardware brands.

After recruiting talents and developing partnerships with the best channel stores in Europe, they adapt and develop with agility a customize solution to launch fast & smart innovative products in Europe.



Since 2016, We commit to help entrepreneurs and team that change the world throught qualitative staff and point of sales dedicated for their innovation.

So sample's mission is to give an easy and better life for people through technologies by helping innovative brand to onboard in the European market.



With an entrepreneur mindset, we commit to spend time for passionate clients and enjoying their daily life at the same time.


We believe that everyone have to take care of eachother to build a successful brand and services.



At So sample, we never talk about dream. We talk about goals.

Without any limits.



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brands clients


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