Switch from manufacturer to BtoC brand

How Zosi start selling as their own name to get brand awareness and get a spot in shelves with n°1 Home improvement channel stores in Europe.


Marketplaces opened


first year revenue


Retail stores


Initial situation

On the way to the French market

Since its creation in 2006, ZOSI Technology has grown into an innovative and responsible company dedicated to providing video surveillance products and security-focused solutions. To produce the best of technology, ZOSI relies on its 60,000 square meters production centre based in China, producing over 30,000 cameras each day.


After conquering the Asian market, ZOSI's goal was to tackle a new market: France. To achieve it, they entrusted our team of experts with their marketing operations.


Our process











We deployed a turnkey solution to start from 0 to 500 sales/monthly


ZOSI is based in China. Although being a large company, they had never been present in Europe before, so had no knowledge regarding the French market.

Our mission was to open the doors of Europe to ZOSI. For that, we took care of all the marketing operations, we managed the logistics, the fulfillment and the related administrative tasks. 

It was a challenge also to switch their mindset from a manufacturer to a solid brand that had to offer nice customer experience to get better results, word of mouth and convinced retailers to trust their technologies.

We handled the negotiation and procedures to allow ZOSI to be visible and generate sales through our retails partners in France from the first week. 


Thanks to the advice from our experts, as well as the feedback from our customers, we have enabled ZOSI to improve the user experience for their product. 

They got a spot on more than 200 Leroy merlin stores and replace Kodak camera spot, a pioneer in this market.

Everything is possible, even for an unknown brand, if you have the right time to manage your growth, a competitive price and a brand awareness that fit with european brand equity.

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Opening new marketplaces


Scaling the business

Working on monthly growth

Increasing ratings & reviews

Day 1

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Day 90

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Why did this campaign work well for ZOSI? 

We can explain the case by the simplest marketing methodology "4P'


Initially, ZOSI was a 720p camera. After analyzing its competitors as well as its positioning on the market, we advised the company to switch to 1080p resolution. It is this version that has been very successful in the market. 

The wireless outdoor features combined with 6month period battery was a hit at this period and helped Zosi to grow fast their numbers.


We immediately made the product available on the top leading marketplaces in France, but also in our partner retail stores that deliver more brand awareness and trust for customers.


In order to boost ZOSI's sales, we organized in-store events; we set up paid advertising campaigns at specific times with a ROAS of 3.7 for the first semester, as well as one on web and social media to make the product more visible.


We have made the price of the ZOSI camera more competitive. Indeed, by making the product available on marketplaces and in our retail partners' stores, we increase the number of sales, which allowed us to make the price more dynamic.

It's your turn to write history 

They grew with us in Europe