Why Bassme is a success in France ?

Bassme is a consumer electronics brand proposing a sound/audio product for gamers. A unique experience and product that you can find in a market in expansion.

A unique product without copycat in the market

The gaming market is saturated of accessories but Bassme is the only one solution to feel vibration on your chest. They develop in intern the design and the technology to offer a unique experience for customer and having a competitive advantage is the market. Bassme is the first product in this category and build a brand equity in a blue ocean.

A relevant price for a young target with 97% of kids playing video games in France

With 3.000.000 of potential users and a growing market, Bassme evolves in good trends. Working with playstation and other devices, kids can ask parents to buy bassme at 129€, that is a low price for a qualitative accessories in the market.

Thanks to the success of the brand, Bassme propose now different design and new colors with a higher price. They do partnership with video games and influencers to earn trust and reduce the price elasticity in the market. A smart strategy to keep the value perception and offering premium stuff for a different target.

A fast launch in the market with global marketing strategy.

Thanks to So sample and their own effort in digital campaign, Bassme convinced influencers, press & media to boost the visibility of the brand in a moment where So sample did live demonstration in tech stores & mall. A good strategy to mix the operation to have more chance to succeed and deliver metrics to distributor to show potential of this new technology.

Boulanger order an average of 50 Bassme/week per 10 stores in a parc of 150 stores. Average sales in France with So sample is 200/month in 10 marketplaces without any cost of advertising. With an investment of 8000 €, Bassme did a return on invest after 6 month with a long term vision with retail partners.

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