It's time to rock in Europe


Marketplaces solution

Market your product in the best

European marketplaces.

More than 500 millions visitors enjoy shopping in our marketplaces partners.

  • Product description with keywords and attractive content

  • Shipment & package

  • Customer support

  • Be visible in up to 50 marketplaces

  • Get comments and ratings with consumers feedbacks


Creative campaign

Empower your brand with ambassador's content

We believe that the best way to promote an innovation 
is to share with customer all his potential. Be visible thanks to our ambassador program providing content, interaction and reviews.

  • Ambassador's program to share real content and get reviews on many marketplaces

  • Building product page with FAQ/demo/unboxing video content

  • Sharing your storytelling by customized your brand equity for the european market


Hack your distribution

It's time to take decisions based on datas and performance

As a data-driven company, we identify growth leverage by doing test every 14 days to deliver agile creative marketing campaign and reach efficient TACOS ratio

  • Marketing budget per months to test & learn on new market

  • 12 to 30 different campaign in more than 15 potential acquisition pipe to get leads online & offline

  • Generate real-time sales report and collect weekly datas to share to investors, buyers or any decision makers to boost your business


Why launching your product with So sample ?

Building your brand equity

Market reaction through Offline representation and live show is the best metric to convince distributors & consumers to scale your business.

Better product elasticity perception. 

Value proposition introduction by story telling, ease the product value perception in the eyes of the consumer.

Global marketing agency

Thanks to 5 years experience and +110 brands partners, we developed efficient marketing campaign with a 360 service crafted for consumer electronics brands

So sample


Marketing agency

Amazon launchpad

Commercial Agent

Marketplaces partnership

Ambassador program

Fulfillment solution

Marketing analysis & Report

Acquisition budget/strategy

Retail connection

Full Audit of European market

European expansion




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