How it works...

A 4-step program to launch your product in the European market, offline and online.


Step 1 : Market

Marketplaces solution

Market your product in the best

European marketplaces.

More than 300 millions visitors enjoy shopping in our 12 marketplaces partners.

  • Product description with keywords and attractive content

  • Shipment & package

  • Customer support

  • Be visible in 5 to 12 marketplaces

  • First rating with consumers feedbacks


Step 2 : Launch

Innovation Bar

Offer a qualitative customer

experience to your customer

We believe that the best way to promote an innovation 
is to share with customer all his potential. Be visible and available in 5 permanent shelves inside 5 tech stores thanks to our "Boulanger" partnership.


Step 3 : Share

Live streaming show

Be part of a unique live streaming

show for new technologies & innovation

Diffuse your product to early adopter with real interactions & feedbacks from live chat

  • A talk show about your product as an entertainment for people with 3 host and world-tech guest 

  • Reach thousands of views in several live show of 2h during your campaign on Twitch, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram

  • Attract people to discover your product offline/online

  • Create unique content to diffuse and repeat on social network

Step 4 : Build

Promotional events

Promotional events to meet

the early majority in Europe

Build your brand awareness with promotional events to announce the launch of your product and availability online.

  • Average 500 demos per events

  • 8 events of 72h in 3 month

  • 8 cities in Europe

  • 5 countries

  • 3 ambassadors full-time with training


  • Analyse of feedbacks in the field 

  • Consulting and marketing recommendation for the market

  • Retail negotiation to scale in stores

  • Optimize sales conversion online

Our team provide a solution to understand the market, launch a product and seize retail opportunities to scale fast.

Step 5 : Learn & scale

A successful launch in the market with a turnkey solution
for innovative product

Why launching your product with So sample ?

Building your brand equity

Market reaction through Offline representation and live show is the best metric to convince distributors & consumers to scale your business.

Better product elasticity perception. 

Value proposition introduction by story telling, ease the product value perception in the eyes of the consumer.

+ 15% sales than your usual sales in the market

Long term vision through content online creation and customer experience offline.

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