How to build a chasm-bridge ?

Everett Roger's new product distribution curve was introduced in his book "Diffusion of Innovations" in 1962. This theory of the diffusion of innovations remains one of the references today. The main idea is to associate the different groups of customers corresponding to the different phases of adoption of a novelty. Some people are more open to innovation and innovation than others. Therefore, it is essential for the company to understand how its innovation can move from a niche market to a mass market (which still has more than 60% of market share) and how it can promote or accelerate this evolution.

- Innovators are the most sensitive to innovation. They are the first customers of a novelty as soon as they are released. They make their purchases without having to consult the opinions of other users. These customers like to share their experience with others on something new. Innovators represent only 2.5% of the population.

- Early adopters quickly buy an innovative product. They are people who love new things, they try and give their opinions. These clients represent statistically 13.5% of the population.

- The Early Majority brings together thoughtful clients. They wait for the returns of the first experiences before buying a new product. This population represents 34%.

- The Late Majority expects the product to be used by a large population. They want proof of performance. They are very influenced by other users' opinions. They also represent 34% of the population.

- Laggards are the last to accept an innovation. These are the most rational customers. They will only buy new products when they have been tested and become current or even a "tradition". Latecomers are 16% of the population.

How to build a bridge to pass the Chasm ?

The chasm in this graphic is the gap between Early adopters and early majority. We created a solution to pass the Chasm and helping innovative product to convinced early majority.

So sample is a team dedicated for the launch of consumer electronics brands in Europe. We build the bridge to pass the chasm and convinced early majority on a new market. We hire and train ambassadors in stores to improving brand equity of innovative products shuffling with a bundle of services with advertising online and connection with decision makers from biggest retailers in Europe. For more informations :

In one hand, Innovators and Early Adopters are quite easy to convince because they are very sensitive to innovation. On the other hand, to convince the early majority, So sample propose concrete added values :

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