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How french retailers will manage covid-19 crisis after quarantine

Since 14th march, France is in quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus. It impacts directly retailers that had to close stores and find new way to sell and deliver french consumers. The end of quarantine is announced the 11th may, it means that retailers will be able to open back stores but with strict conditions. This is how retailers will change their strategy and model

Drive option for consumer electronics brands

Drive option exists since 2000, it was launched by Auchan for food product in city center. After, Chronodrive was launched and is now the main drive company to deliver food by drive option in France. It's also a model duplicated in all fast food channel As Mcdonald's or Gur Kebab. All this concept inspirated Tech stores during this quarantine to improve customer experience and deliver products even if stores are closed. In example, Boulanger launch drive option that allow people to buy online and get the product in few hours in the nearest store without moving from the car. A good strategy that double the online sales to reach 40% of the turnover and reduce the 300 millions $ loose per months that they should have done during the quarantine.

Come back of outbound marketing

The expansion of online marketplaces and mailing reduces the outbound operations from retailers. The game changes and it's now a new opportunity to pick up the phone and sharing informations to consumers. Based on the data collected online, retailers can call consumers to give advices and propose promotions. Could be a smart strategy as we know that 10 millions people in France is not working and stay most of the time at home. A solution that exists since 80' and could be a must-have thanks to video-call available in most of the smartphone now. A face to face contact is easy and a simple smile can change a sales conversation to a nice exchange, in a moment where french consumers don't see a lot of people.

Developing live show on social network

Online seems to be the main and only way to propose nice customer experience. The end of quarantine doesnt mean the come back of retail stores. Events of more than 10 persons are forbidden and trafic cannot exceed 100 person in the same store. Touching product look impossible without mask, gloves and alcoholic gel.

Streaming and live show with demonstration of new product provide interaction online and deep advices even if you stay at home. You keep the distance but feel confortable to chat with vendors and community. This is something new for most of historic channel stores and social network will be the pioneer of their strategy now. Not only to communicate, but to convert sales as well. Stores become a studio to share online and not a place to discover product.

77% of french people watch youtube video. 97% of kids play video games and know Twitch channel, it represents 3.3 millions of visitors per month in one country.


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