//So sample week #3 // Humans as the best incentive tools for your retail strategy


Is your product now available in stores? Congrats! But there are 10 competitors products that share the in-store shelves and belong to the same market as your company. How can you generate an incentive when you have huge groups & companies as your main competitors? For us, the best incentive tool in retail is human. During the process that our company deliver, ambassadors can be the mirror of your sales manager and be dispatched in a hundred stores at the same time.

In stores, you must have already met people with a "Samsung" or "Microsoft" branded t-shirt to promote their latest product. You must have been thinking: Why do they spend money on ambassadors when clearly they do not need to promote their brand, everyone already knows and trusts their products? Because ambassadors are a cheap and profitable way to boost your sales.

In the first hand, the ambassadors have to be trained during a professional and complete process: training sessions, paper sheets, product information, commercial speech, online courses, etc.

Important fact: The main goal of an ambassador deployed in stores is to convert leads. Without budget on communication online and ads, you will not reach your sales performance objectives.

Case study: Adonit

Adonit is a Chinese brand that develops QI compatible charging pads for cars with an auto-clamping system. It's an innovative product that no-one knew in France when So sample started promoting it. In 2018, our team built a strategy of acquisition online and demos offline to develop the brand's visibility and perform sales.

During the first demonstrations, the product was not available with stock directly in stores. It happens frequently when a startup's product is demonstrated in huge stores : they do not deserve their room on the shelves of the store yet, they have to earn it by proving the retailers there is a market for them. Decision makers from retail cannot take the risk to order quantities of a product before an efficient proof of concept is handed to them, preferably a proof of concept from the field.

That's why So sample managed the organisation of demos in stores for Adonit's product, taking care of the recruitment and training of ambassadors all around the country. In 15 demos, the ambassadors generated 50 sales of Adonit's products, proving that the brand could convince early majority when in stores. This is an efficient Proof Of Concept for buyers from Retail. An undiscutable one moreover, because their own customers were buying Adonit's products in their own stores.

Without So sample, the only way for Adonit to plan a meeting with retailers and deliver efficient KPI would be to hire a sales manager who speaks French, with a good national network, and knowledge of the cultural rules of negotiations. Then the company would have to hire a Human Ressources Manager fluent in French in order to detect, hire, train and manage ambassadors for the demonstrations in France.

So sample offers you efficient Proofs of concept with the best incentive tools in retail stores for consumer electronic brands in less than 6 months at a competitive price.

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