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At So Sample we help the best innovative brands around the globe to have a smart & fast access to the French Market.

We have built a strong partnership with some of the largest retailers and channel stores to create a premium spot inside strategic locations to welcome Innovative products.

We strive to create clever solutions to facilitate our client's market insertion and brand awareness with the early majority.

10 innovation bar in the 5 major cities of France

Locations & details here

In a bar, we share

memorable moments

So sample has grown to a family of 30 passionate members sharing a strong enthusiasm for innovation and consumer electronics brands.


As "bartenders", our duly trained brand ambassadors serves cocktails of innovative products with care explanation to thousands of consumers that visit the Bars.


They create an authentic show full of hands-on experiences and storytelling.

Home Appliances

Health Care


Smart Kids

Smart Home


We carefully select the best of innovation

and new products with high potential.

A wide range of innovative products to satisfy the taste of demanding consumers. A place to discover, try and buy.

A turnkey solution to launch new products // penetrate a new market // boost brand awareness // drive sales performance

Dedicated shelves & original displays build to welcome innovative products

List your product online and offline at a fast pace.

Benefit from the Innovation Bar brand awareness through our permanent spot in stores and Malls

A duly trained, tech-driven team in-stores to introduce your brand and product

Feedbacks from the field with data collected through ambassadors and consumers

A customer support available to help people using new technologies

Monthly marketing report helps to analyze the overall product feasibility, and convince decision-makers

Warehouse and locations in the heart of Europe to manage stocks and deliveries

And also offering

scalability opportunities with our 100 B retail partners network ecosystem.

Through our launchpad services for new brands in the market, we generate tangible data, real-time feedbacks & boosting the sales performance.

We share KPI’s and metrics from the field, to decision-makers (retail buyer), to push

for nationwide distribution opportunities.

We work with channel stores that trust our sourcing process based on our experience, trajectory, and case studies.

Since 2016, we became part of their Innovation

& Sourcing department, developing 

smarter solutions.

Your product is the best advertising & convincing tools

Number of Bar

Daily demos offline

Daily Trafic offline

*Metrics from our channel stores partners where the 10 innovation bar are deployed. Numbers are average statistics from 2018/2019

Our solutions are craft in partnership with

+300 mall

Lifestyle & experience

+140 stores

Hypermarket & multimedia

+160 stores

Home improvement & DIY

+60 stores

Toys & STEM

+170 stores

High tech stores

Michael Turbe,

COO at Marbotic

"We met a really professional team who gave us full satisfaction. They provided us several ambassadors, took initiatives and gave us a clear feedback on their actions. Motivated, dynamic, proactive and ultra nice people we highly recommend manufacturers to use their services."

Virginie Gionet,

CMO at Novathings

" The support we received from Thomas and his team was exemplary: a serious day-to-day follow-up work store to analyze and follow the demos as much as possible. We highly recommend using So Sample's solutions ! "

Guillaume Arnoux,

CEO at Goodnight

"It was a greatful campaign ! Thanks to a team dedicated with passion, we convinced with success Boulanger to distribute our product in 60 stores."

We are proud to serve innovative brands worldwide

Executive team

So sample is a family of 30 tech driven people working hard to link

Hardware tech brands, retail market & consumers since 2016



CEO & Co-founder



CMO & Co-founder

Sacha Romanowski


Contact us

10 rue de la cense, Villeneuve d'ascq, 59651 France contact@so-sample.com  |  Tel: +333.

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